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Principle of operation: 

Flowprofile is fully adjustable to the meter system requirements.

Flowstraightener allows:

  • Flowmeter calibration conditions copy to the field – No metering shift between Calibration Lab and the Field
  • Upgrade of existing metering station – Technology influence elimination

Results based on Calibration laboratory certificates

Calibration lab certificate extraction – results:

FlowStraightener - aden

Flow Conditioner- Calibration with repeatable flow profile


Calibration Lab used for testing:

Calibration Lab used for testing

Ultrasonic Noise Reduction

Unusable signal before dumper:

ultrasonic noise reduction

Signal after dumper:

Ultrasonic noise issue solved by dumper installation:

  • Clear Ultrasonic meter signal
  • The measurables are stable with high repeatability
  • Limited or No deviation against the  calibration results
  • Impact to the Custody metering line performance and economy