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Transportable metering runs

Portable metering station - System based on Patented Verification run

Portable metering station parameters. Smaller technology blocks/skids on demand.

The verification skid has the following technical parameters:

  • Flow                                           250 – 14000 m³/h per 1 unit. Many units can be operated in paralel
  • Pressure                                   10 – 100 Bar
  • Temperature                            5°C – 35°C
  • Ambient temperature             -10°C – 50°C
  • Best on the market Accuracy: Max measurement deviation to the Calibration lab less than 0.08%
portable metering staton


  • Cheapest metering station:      – Technology lenght is just 12.5m (max.) for DN300 metering station. Smaller /cheaper/ blocks on demand.
  • Metering station Transport:     – 4 Trucks – basic configuration
  • System interconnection:           Inlet and Outlet gas pipeline + 4 Cables /connectors/
  • System start up:                         Even from remote location /metering station delivered after the FAT which is complete start up and testing in the other gas transport system/
  • Installation time:                        5 till 14 Days
  • Accuracy:                                   Measurement deviation to the Calibration lab less than 0.08%
  • Advantage:                                Possible transport to another location

Portable metering station - max flow depends of number of USM modules - expandable station

portable metering station1

Portable metering station


Portable metering station


Portable metering station - Calibration and Calibration Verification


Portable metering station - Technology skid possible configurations