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Verification skids construction

Custody Transfer Stations Verification skids construction

Verification skid target is existing metering station verification and elimination of all negative influence to existing measurement.

Report includes financial “Profit/Lost” protocol.

Verification skid can be used as a base for Open loop calibration laboratory.

Verification skid allows

  • Elimination:
    • Technology /piping/ influence
    • Ultrasonic Noise influence
    • Metering station meters shift

Technology is based on worldwide patented flow-straightener and classic calibration laboratory technology usage /see – Patents/.

Rental service of verification skid possible.

Metering Station Tuning Philosophy – Financial balance of gas transport system

Basic components

  1. Verification skid based on verification run
  2. Verification Lab metering system and controll system – All principles of Calibration Lab implemented
  3. All components transportable on the Trucks
  4. Accuracy very close to the calibration Lab
  5. Ability to fix all problems of Existing metering station in the Field


Existing Metering Stations Verification

Transportable Verification Lab /simple version/– verification in the field:


Transportable Verification Lab – verification in the field: